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Sarasota Chalk Festival: 3D Lego Terracotta Warriors


Created for the Sarasota Chalk Festival in Florida, this amazing mashup of Legos and Terracotta warriors is magnificent in every sense of the word. Founder and Director Peter Westerink told us that it took a team of four artists, five and a half days to complete it. “We started on Tuesday morning November 1st and finished on Sunday November 6th in the afternoon,” Westerink says.

“There were some challenges, starting with translating our first design to a gridded blueprint with the exact right distortions,” Westerink told us. “Our next challenge was to copy the blueprint to the pavement, again in the exact right proportions, only 100 times bigger (30 x 40 feet)! Last, but not least, we had to make sure we would finish in time, while answering the questions of the thousands of people that came by daily to see our piece.”

  • Well done guys it looks fantastic, you must have had an awful lot of patience

  • Bascombesmith

    This Look is so stylish and Mind Blowing .