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100+ Selfies That Should Not Have Been Shared…


Who doesn’t take pictures of themselves in the bathroom mirror these days? Here are 135 of the best selfies ever taken that probably should not have been shared…

  • Woodcockvalleycolts7

    wat one?

  • get over yourself

    why do all these bimbos have the same awful big headed 50s hair??

  • hot but not

    wait, are these mirror pics or ads for Apple and bad tattoo parlors?  BTW, clean your fricken room slobs!

  • Darrenbarrois

    All but #51 are okay. I’ve picked up better than most of these in the French Quarter, NOLA, and all gave much better shows from head to toes. naturally each got stuffed just after the toe touches! (;

  • bill nye the science guy

    37, 48 nip slips

  • Plhsmonarch2010

    21. Hottest girl of all time.

  • Mahmoudyahyai
  • You Know What…<3

    My list:

    7- Fucking hawt11- Sexy as hell
    13- Wow…
    24- I’m in love.
    39- Speechless [AKA 54… holy fuck.]
    44- Would be really sexy but duck face ruins it.
    46- Yeah buddy [;
    50- I swear I know her.
    55- I’d hit that anyday[;
    65- Hmmm… kinky.
    66- Eh…
    75- The hair…
    104- She’s aiight.
    105- Bohohoh ;D
    107- We know why she’s happy ;’]
    109- Peek-a-freaking-boo.
    120- I just think this is the best picture in man-kind. It’s so.. prefessional looking…
    133- Mmmm[;
    Btw. I am a female. And no, I don’t swing that way, I can just tell a fucking fit girl anyday.

  • Horgenocker

    I’ve drained my cum inside of #101!  She was amazing in bed.  God I miss that ass.

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  • Justenkurtz

    horny as hell and like fucking 818-599-6627

  • Justin

    15 and want to fuck your ass 818-599-6627

  • Beltbuckle1950

    That’s why.. women were made…to have sex with…..and I’ll do ’em all…………….if they want it….

  • freddie

    this is why iphones were invented

  • fo

    122 is way too skinny

  • kameron

    u have good taste :)

  • damn

    id fuck 73 up the pussy hard

  • lilcee504

    I don’t know what is is about girl 3 but she is dam sexy.

  • matt

    number 6 has a nice ass

  • Anonymous

    Who is number 4!?!?!?

  • Anonymous

    is 106 Sara Underwood?

  • Nada


  • blake_awesomepants

    87 is a milf!

  • Blu Hef

    fuck you dnt be mad cus your ass prolly cant get pussy from your own race

  • Barbara Force

    Why are they bimbos just because they’re attractive? What if they have a masters in neuroscience or whatever?

  • Barbara Force

    Black women are too focused working their asses off to (never) make the same wages as whites to be posing in the mirror. (jk)

  • Barbara Force

    I have a thing for Costa Rican women, personally. Their eyes are mesmerizing.

  • Barbara Force

    I fear there may be some jailbait in there

  • Barbara Force

    They don’t want you anyway. You are not King Cock.

  • It kills me that women can spend two hours getting pretty but can’t spend ten minutes to clean their room. SMH

  • voice of conscience

    matthew 5:28— But I say to YOU that everyone that keeps on looking at a woman so as to have a passion for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

  • what are we supposed to pretend that fat chicks are sexy?

  • Nick

    Oh look I’m sure i see one of my whores on here. Nothing but eye candy and a good fuck “maybe” I don’t mind a girl who is open but lets just be realistic these are the type that cheat on men every day.

  • cowskie

    no. 99 wow!!!

  • Give it up

    Because they don’t want you, and probably ur not that attractive anyway…. That’s y u’r obsessed of those pics… Hahaaaaa

  • boing

    You must be like 14 and retarded. They like to fluff their hair up because they are GIRLS! It’s not a 50’s thing. It’s a GIRL thing.

  • boing

    I enjoyed this. Somewhere on a page, it was labeled as “iphone girls”. Then it went away. To the idiot who called it that – apple isn’t going to hire you. Get over it! What was weird is that now went away after I got in the main page. Anyway, Most were excellent. Ok, they were all pretty excellent, lol.

  • JowDadda

    Photo 9…. I love you! HOT!

  • tj

    i know #55 ,73, 83, 118, 127, and 14

  • Kev

    gotta get the girl from 67. gotta get her number

  • Kev

    and the girls number from pic 80

  • Kev

    and 81

  • Kev

    gotta get the girl from 107’s number

  • Kev

    and 123

  • Niño

    Damn I’d eat that up

  • Niño


  • Seekr34

    #18 is Alexis Texas

  • Seekr34

    #34 is Model Joselyn Cano

  • Seekr34

    #60 is amateur girl Gisle

  • Seekr34

    #123 is Bree Olson