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100+ Selfies That Should Not Have Been Shared…


Who doesn’t take pictures of themselves in the bathroom mirror these days? Here are 135 of the best selfies ever taken that probably should not have been shared…

  • nick

    1, 3, 37, 61, 71, 83, 90, 117, 121, 129, 130, 134, 134. BOOM fucking gorgeos i will be doing my load over these girls tonight.

  • slip slice

    51 BOOM!

  • slip slice

    51 and 54 in one room double boom!

  • slip slice

    but 55 defo looks like a happy horse

  • marshall

    number 64 and 121 are the same girl, summer dawn miller. she just graduated from my school.



  • The_Batmaaaaan

    Blegh. Gigantic hair, orange skin. Nothing sexy in half of these. 39 though. Thats wife material.

  • same

    Number five i love you.

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  • William

    I know #105 XD So to blackmail someone now. XD

  • Solonar

    Nice camera #9

  • Anonymous

    Ugh… One of these is my little sister. Was not expecting that.

  • Luzzy

    most of them white girls but still hot. ^.^

  • dm

    #33. Hot

  • dm

    33 Hot

  • 30 is asian..

  • Joe

    sweet yummy buns..

  • Joe

    adorable teen angel

  • 30: Melissa Green from the group called Millionaires

  • jl


  • jl

    a few may be men … lol

  • Sir Hammerlock

    104 is my ex, that picture doesn’t even do her justice, I’ve got way better ones! She was one of a kind.

  • Dmcl3

    I want to see those pictures lol

  • vbear

    am I the only one who thinks number 8 looks like Chelsea from teen mom 2

  • J!t

    WOW 104 is so sexy….How many tyms hv u fucked her??

  • GeraldoTauarez
  • TheChoosenONe

    95 is the baddest check out here. don’t play.

  • john

    That my under aged gf. If you’d like to take it down before i show the cops that be awesome

  • d

    #10 is brittany echols

  • Justin Drinkwalter

    And 54, same person…

  • lilpenguin

    I’m guessing no one noticed the freaky face in the laundry hamper?

  • patrik

    smack that

  • patrik

    pic 31 is hot

  • Jimmy

    39 is the same chick as 54. I feel ripped off… kind of.

  • JP

    Or a lot of exe boyfriends got obsessive or jealous or extremely hurt after or during the relationship and decided to seek revenge.

  • JP

    It disgusts me that a lot of men just like yourself assume that women who take these pictures are doing it for attention. Some are in relationships and put love and trust into other individuals. Sometimes distance and time apart becomes an issue and young couples do what they do to keep the romance alive. Not everyone takes pictures like these just for attention nor are they slutting around.

  • bob vey

    WTF ??? I can’t move past the first photo!!!!!

  • racknstack

    Slide 11 is way sexy. Rwor.

  • David Wright Ph.D.

    New to your page, very impressed with these wonderfull ladys.

  • David Wright Ph.D.

    #36 is unreal super hot.

  • haha some daddies will be dissapointed, others not so much

  • Eleanor Jacobs

    Oh look one is wearing glasses, she must be the smart one.

  • Eleanor Jacobs

    these girls only have time to take selfies because they haven’t made the bed, cleaned the bathroom mirror or done their laundry in forever. a little domestic bliss mixed with t and a wouldn’t hurt.

  • Goaty McCheese

    The ones with tattoos do.

  • Hitch NYC

    Rules are made to be broken.Who gives a damn about integrity in relationships with picture taking like that,or integrity period.It’s all about the swingers babe.Get with the program.Its just politics.