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16 Common Household Items With Secret Uses


Ever locked your keys and cellphone inside your car in the middle of nowhere and had no idea what to do? Well after reading this you probably still won’t, but at least you learned that you can see through frosted glass using scotch tape — along with many other random facts you probably won’t use anytime soon but hey, at least you know about them now.

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  • JillValentine

    Cornstarch also works WONDERS on nappy rash. When my baby girl ever has a red bum, I replace the cream with cornstarch (Maizena), works better than ANY nappy rash cream you could buy. Instant results by next nappy change.

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  • Unnecessary_email_requests

    Need to open a jar? Place a rubber band around the lid and grip the rubber band and lid firmly.

  • Did you forget picking up doggie-do?

  • TxH

    im an adult with a child. now what the fuck is a nappy? are you talking to a baby right now? say diaper, nap, buttocks, vagina, or whatever the hell a nappy is. please, grow up.

  • Hur

    Nappy = British for diaper.

  • Jocasta

    Amazing how many spelling mistakes a single article contains.

  • Janie

    you grow up and learn about other cultures; a nappy is a word for diaper in English-speaking countries around the world, You might learn a little bit of class while you’re at it. Sure hope your child doesn’t speak as you do!

  • Russ

    Globally nappy is more wisely used, and so it should be diaper = American for nappy

  • Fred

    oddly enough us, well at least where I am from, we use the word “diaper.” I’m from El Salvador.

  • lissener

    Um how are these secret?

  • lissener

    I’m gonna guess you’re wrong on that, unless you can site a source.

  • 1) wax paper – if hangers in your closets don’t slide smoothly, rub the closet rod with wax paper
    2) dryer sheet hair – related, if your hairbrush doesn’t have knobs on the end of the bristles, just poke the smooth bristles through the dryer sheet, & leave it attached to your brush. then you automatically rub it on your hair while brushing.
    3) chalk – use it before washing greasy food stains on clothing

  • Smarter than most

    Nappy refers to the hair on a persons head. Usually African Americans and others have this type of hair. So I dare ya to put a diaper on a persons head that has nappy hair. Nappy refers to tight tiny curls on a persons head. If your from another country nappy may very well mean a diaper just as the word Fag refers to a cigarette in merry old England but here in America it has a much different meaning. You all need to grow up and stop being so ignorant of others cultural differences. Douche bags!!! Gee I wonder what that could mean!?

  • Bob Sanders

    The rest of the world says nappy not diaper you fool!!!!!

  • Bob Sanders

    You can also restore leather with it

  • Christopher Eric Kulbeda

    Too much chatter about a freaking diaper?!

  • Marshall white

    I know WTF a” nappy” and 13 so go shove it up your ass @TxH

  • Nignog.

    No, NIGGERS have nappy dreads, humans are clean, and put nappies on their young children so they don’t shit everywhere, like a nigger.