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  • JillValentine

    Cornstarch also works WONDERS on nappy rash. When my baby girl ever has a red bum, I replace the cream with cornstarch (Maizena), works better than ANY nappy rash cream you could buy. Instant results by next nappy change.

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  • Unnecessary_email_requests

    Need to open a jar? Place a rubber band around the lid and grip the rubber band and lid firmly.

  • Allmen F Quester

    Did you forget picking up doggie-do?

  • TxH

    im an adult with a child. now what the fuck is a nappy? are you talking to a baby right now? say diaper, nap, buttocks, vagina, or whatever the hell a nappy is. please, grow up.

  • Hur

    Nappy = British for diaper.

  • Jocasta

    Amazing how many spelling mistakes a single article contains.

  • Janie

    you grow up and learn about other cultures; a nappy is a word for diaper in English-speaking countries around the world, You might learn a little bit of class while you’re at it. Sure hope your child doesn’t speak as you do!

  • Russ

    Globally nappy is more wisely used, and so it should be diaper = American for nappy

  • Fred

    oddly enough us, well at least where I am from, we use the word “diaper.” I’m from El Salvador.

  • lissener

    Um how are these secret?

  • lissener

    I’m gonna guess you’re wrong on that, unless you can site a source.

  • Lynn McCormick ♋

    1) wax paper – if hangers in your closets don’t slide smoothly, rub the closet rod with wax paper
    2) dryer sheet hair – related, if your hairbrush doesn’t have knobs on the end of the bristles, just poke the smooth bristles through the dryer sheet, & leave it attached to your brush. then you automatically rub it on your hair while brushing.
    3) chalk – use it before washing greasy food stains on clothing

  • Smarter than most

    Nappy refers to the hair on a persons head. Usually African Americans and others have this type of hair. So I dare ya to put a diaper on a persons head that has nappy hair. Nappy refers to tight tiny curls on a persons head. If your from another country nappy may very well mean a diaper just as the word Fag refers to a cigarette in merry old England but here in America it has a much different meaning. You all need to grow up and stop being so ignorant of others cultural differences. Douche bags!!! Gee I wonder what that could mean!?

  • Bob Sanders

    The rest of the world says nappy not diaper you fool!!!!!

  • Bob Sanders

    You can also restore leather with it

  • Christopher Eric Kulbeda

    Too much chatter about a freaking diaper?!