Occupying Wall Street? There’s an App for That

The Occupy Wall Street movement is making major waves all across the United States, if not the world. However, with every protest comes dozens of arrests, as law enforcement cracks down on protests which have been deemed a threat to the status quo.

And with those arrests, an enterprising developer called Quadrant 2 has developed the “I’m Getting Arrested” app for the Android, which sends a customized message (of your choosing) to pre-selected numbers via SMS in the event you find yourself under arrest by the police. While created for this purpose, the App can also be used to send any kind of message in a hurry.

It could see use by pregnant soon-to-be-moms in the event of a medical emergency, and a number of other legitimate reasons besides getting arrested.

It’s amazing that no one else came up with it first.

  • The iphone has an app for everything it’s out of control