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Filipino Man Gets Plastic Surgery to Resemble Superman

Superman Fan Undergoes Plastic Surgery To Look Like His Favorite Superhero

I posit that Superman is a boring hero, but opinions like mine haven’t stopped avid Superman fan and maniac Herbert Chavez from going under the scalpel to look like the Man of Steel. Chavez, a self-described “pageant trainer” has undergone multiple plastic surgeries to resemble his favorite character.

Since 1995, he has had a chin augmentation (a butt chin), a nose job, multiple silicone injections and even thigh implants to better resemble the character.

Lacking in both height and facial definition, Chavez’s Filipino features make it difficult for him to look very much like either Christopher Reeve, Brandon Routh or Dean Cain, but that isn’t stopping him from trying his damndest to impersonate the character.

As one can expect, Chavez’s entire house is bedecked in an array of Superman memorabilia, including several life-sized models of Superman in its multiple iterations.

  • I like super man, because he often wear his underwear outside.

  • Superman rules! He looks fit

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