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Girl’s Rooms Around the Globe Photographic Series


For most of us, our room is our personal space, a representation of our interests, talents, hobbies and style.  Rooms around the globe are also influenced by culture, environment and friends, so everywhere you go, rooms are designed and oriented differently.

Photographer Rania Matar set out to catalog what various girl’s rooms around the globe look like. ¬†Check it out!

  • Adrienne

    Girls’ bedrooms was interesting. I noticed most girls love stuffed teddy bears, rabbits, etc. and make-up. They also have in common; lots of pictures and clothes. This fact all seems universal among girls around the world. I only saw one girl sleeping on the floor. Where was that from?
    TIA for this wild net place you have here.

  • Vince

    Knowing the city/country of each photo would have increased the impact of the project.

  • Andrew

    Why do almost all of them look so sad or expressing negative emotion?

  • Toby

    I think the girl on the floor was in India since I have seem mattress’s like that when I was living there

  • Thinker

    Why in the world would you do this without listing the country from which the pictures are from?