Amazing Human Photomanipulations

With photography, a creative person can capture and occasionally distort reality, however, for true manipulation of reality, a bit of creative art and photomanipulation can go a long way.  Creative studio Taylor James learned this and has used it to create an incredible series of human photomanipulations, where people appear to undergo a metamorphism and appear out of reality.

These photomanipulations are really cool, and they tell a story in a unique way.

  • Kfox

    I worked with Taylor James on the “Neck, Hand, Belly” shots for an ad campaign. If you ever get the chance to work with them I highly recommend it.

  • You have done really awesome job, excellent collection here. Thanks a lot for sharing with us !!

  • Absolutely amazing thinking.

  • These manipulations are looks wonderful . You have a great manipulating skill . I have understood after seeing you job .

  • Awesome article!