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People Who Look the Same in Every Photo [GIFs]


People often have a signature pose or photographic style that they prefer, because they perceive they look best in that style.  However, some people take this concept to the extreme, and end up with the same pose or facial expression for nearly every photograph they take.  Celebrities are particularly prone to this behavior, whether it’s because they are photographed most often or something else is unclear.

Here are some amusing GIFs of people who seems to look the same in every photograph.

  • oh my eyes!

  • Amy

    Barack Obama belongs on this page.

  • olive

    Using Brock as an example is cheating!

  • Beth

    Too fast for me! Funy though…

  • Random

    The one before Beyonce looks exactly the same that it is scary. Her lips do not even change.

  • Yeah, it is pretty fast..

  • Gkmenard

    I know that girl before beyonce crazy!

  • who’s the first girl? she looks really familiar…

  • It’s Lindsay Lohan

  • Akljsdfh
  • great gifs

  • Marajanna

    I won’t be able to focus them for quite a while jaja

  • Hikari.D

    Of course Bella (Kristen Stewart) looks the same, she’s always stoned out of her mind. 😐

    I personally wouldn’t put Gaga here, though. She always looks different depending on what crazy outfit she’s got on.

    I love how Brock’s here, lol. And the rest are pretty hilarious.

  • gest

    Mother Fucker

  • Angi_pumpkin

    that girl isnt famous the one before beyonce