What Wikileaks Headquarters Would Look Like in Photographs

Wikileaks has rapidly become one of the most notorious organizations, and whether for better or worse, is drastically reshaping the internet, cyberculture, and overall dynamics throughout the world.  However, Wikileaks itself is a relatively shadowy organization, with little known about inner financials or locations of prominent members (aside from Julian Assange, who is currently in jail, awaiting a challenge by Sweden to a UK judge granting him bail).

So, a couple architects posted photographs of an awesome bunker style facility in Sweden that seems like it would be just perfect for Wikileaks’ headquarters.

  • Architects: Albert France-Lanord Architects
  • Location: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Construction Area: 1,200 sqm
  • Project year: 2008
  • Photographs: Åke E:son Lindman

  • yourname

    Yah too bad that belongs to an ISP in sweeden and this crap post is totally made up. you fail.

  • guest98

    Yah too bad you weren’t smart enough to figure out that post was theoretical.