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  • Kk2vrl


  • no

    No shit

  • Moon_essence1


  • Moon_essence1

    Some were effing cute! Some were disturbing! lol

  • gravy

    being overweight is only 1.25 times more likely to die compared to 2 times more likely if you are underweight.

  • Nadav

    These are all photoshoped of course. I have seen very fat dogs and they seem nothing like the one in the picture (#11). Dogs accomulate fat around the belly and back. They become “tanks” when they are fat. They don’t have extra fat in a specific place like we humans do.

  • Fabio

    Eric S, why you don´t put a f*king link to the source, Worth1000, uh? asshole

  • The Improver

    So gravy, given you name I have to ask you. Just how fat ARE you?

  • The Improver

    No way! REALLY? :)