Super Cool and Creative Chair Designs

Chairs are an essential piece of furniture for everyone, and we use them every day when working, sitting down to eat, watch television and more.  However, there is no need to settle for a standard and boring chair design, when there are tons of creative designers around the world who thrive on creating new and innovative chair designs.

So, we gathered up some creative chair designs from creative minds around the world.  So, next time you think about buying a chair, remember to look for creative ideas like these!


T Chair by Gabriel Canas
T Chair is an innovative piece of furniture, inspired by the famous 80`s puzzle videogame and also by Deconstructivist architecture.

The most noticeable feature of T Chair is its ludic, playful design composed by the 5 pieces used in the videogame translated into a 3D version which invite the user to become one more piece in the chair and interact with it.

T Chair is built on independent modules made of fiberglass in order to make the chair light and resistant. There are 2 versions, one is really colourful and the other one – black and white – is great for contemporary geeks.

Rocking Wheel Chair by Mathias Koehler

Elliptical Chair by Rodrigo Bragafrança
The Elliptical Chair was designed to reflect an irreverent personality, transmit the wit of this new generation who has grown in a society marked by infinite possibilities. It can be used in two different positions, which brings out its playful and versatile aspects.

The chair was a finalist at Salão Design Movelsul 2008, the largest Latin American furniture exhibition, which took place in March 2008, in Bento Gonçalves.

The prototype was made in a partnership with Villa Design, São Paulo.

Fluid Rocker by Nick Trincia
The Fluid Rocker’s soft curves and ergonomic form make it as inviting to look at as it is to sit in. The chair’s flowing organic shape is achieved through a one piece fiber glass construction with a high-gloss finish. For added comfort and texture, a layer of soft natural felt wraps over the entire outer face of the chair. On the upper side of the chair, the felt provides added cushion for sitting, while on the underside of the chair it provides for quieter, softer rocking, and protection for your floors.

Roots Chair by Yuliyan Mikov

Regaliz Chairs by Rafael Fernández
Regaliz is a seat typology thought from the idea of imitating a liquorice candy in its spiral shape and in its colours. It is presented in three different ways. One seat for the office, one for home and, finally a pub stool.

Monstrotypes by Tricky
Just an idea about the Eero Saarinen office chair.

Gadget Chair by Jamie Martin
The Gadget Chair is a totally immersive, escapist, entertainment experience. Incorporating the latest technology, it provides everything for the user’s entertainment needs. With features including in-built games consoles, computer, TV/PVR, video and music playback, and back massager, what more could you need?

Fundamental to the chair’s design is comfort and ergonomics. A supportive leather-upholstered chair forms the basis to the experience. Housed underneath the red exterior lies a wealth of technology, including heating elements, miniature cooling fans, adjustable lumbar support (controlled via a screen-controlled GUI) and a soothing back massage feature. The main function of the chair it to create an immersive experience; to place you in a zone far away from the outside world.

Untitled Chair by Alessandro Beda
I don’t know if this concept is doable. :-) I’ll work in a prototype during the summer. It will be necessary 100 gas shock absorbers. The measurements of the chair are exactly the same of the LC2 Petit Comfort by Le Corbusier.

The PacM Chair by Jose Primo
Waka waka waka!

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