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30 Amusing and Strange Celebrity Tweets


Twitter has given us a closer relationship with all of our favorite (or not so favorite) celebrities, by allowing us to follow all their daily thoughts and activities. Some celebrities choose to have their PR department handle all their tweeting, but others choose to run their own Twitter profiles and occasionally reward us with some hilarious tweets.

We have gathered up this collection of 30 amusing, strange and just WTF celebrity tweets, with gems from 50 Cent, Ludacris, Andy Milonakis, Justin Bieber, Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, Conan O’Brien, Darth Vader and Sesame Street.


  • jamie

    @50cent You should really help your grandmother with the trash. Yeah your rich, but if you can’t be nice to your grandmother you don’t deserve it do you? Or you could have one of your posse or entourage or whatever they are calling it now do it for her.

  • Aera

    @Jamie Im sure he’s reading this right now, and is compleatly heart broken by your deep and cruel insight.

  • Twitter is mor and more popular. People are fond of put them thinking on it!

  • Just goes to show.. Celebs are people too.

  • Excellent job under every aspect of it!

  • Tell me about it. People are becoming more and more self centered. Who honestly care what you are doing every day every minute and every second. Get a life people!!!

  • jus not rite

    i put the same thing and people think im crazy

  • Nosanife


  • nice post…….great job,keep it up

  • Crystal Lefevers

    Honestly, I think 50 Cent is crazy, too.

  • :))) The Will Ferrell tweet is the greatest!

  • Teigan

    Unless it has a green check mark beside their name, it’s not their real twitter, its a poser.
    Therefore… basically none of these are real..

  • lolwut

    @fc952afb0123e96306d909d6e76b2e61:disqus  not all of the celebrity twitters are “verified”

  • Real, not real, verified, not verified – who cares? Most of ’em are pretty funny.

  • Kourtney Kardashian’s quote is hilarious! Does she even care about anything other male organs?lol. 

  • So what !!! Even if he’s rich , his hands wont decompose if he took out the garbage for his grandma

  • “Kourtney Kardashian is know as the “unassuming Firecracker” for her quiet but spontaneous personality!” 
    Quote taken from some website called

  • Rich By his money , but very poor in his mind ,  bl-magazine: celebrity news

  • Twitter is not as popular as Facebook. I like Facebook more. 

  • Twitter is not as popular as Facebook. I like Facebook more. 

  • I loved Will Ferrell’s tweet about Justin Beiber, haha! That’s absolutely hilarious!

  • not all of the celebrity twitters are “verified” 

  • Like Jessica Simpson’s tweet:)))

  • and i thought the music industry was dying because of piracy

  • Jinnocenteyez

    LMAO @yahoo-2PJZ45UMPLMLZFF22NEOWSWEZQ:disqus  Commment: Kourtney Kardashian’s quote is hilarious! Does she even care about anything other male organs?lol.


    LMFAO #20, he does look like one of the girls.

  • Alysse Hanrahan

    too bad that’s not the real 50 cent. he paints his grandmothers toenails. ive seen documentaries on him, and he is a true gentleman. it also doesn’t hve the check mark next to his name.

  • Jennifer L Westbrooks

    Some of these are clearly fake.

  • amusing celebrity tweets only ?