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10 Hilarious Depictions of Obese Celebrities


Celebrities put a lot of time into maintaining their physique, with specialized diets, personal trainers and agents making sure they stay on top of their figure. While celebrities, particularly actors, do occasionally have to put on weight or lose weight for a given role, most celebrities take pride in their bodies, and they should, because most of them look damn good.

However, just for kicks (and to flex their photo-manipulation skills), designers and photo-editors often have fun with celebrity photos, and in this collection, you’ll get to see what 10 famous celebrities would look like if they were, well, the average American.


  • artkrime

    I think they look better this way.

  • Diana Krall and Angelina Jolie still looks beautiful in this picture, but thanks goodness, they aren’t obese in real life ‘coz if they were, we aren’t going to see them on the big screen not unless the role requires it.

  • Although fat, they are very sexy! nice!

  • Night Ember

    Angelnina was SMOKIN’.

  • Why are their chins soo much larger than need be? None of the obese people I’ve seen have humongous chins….

  • AnybodyHome?

    Seriously? Did you also notice how Marty likes to skateboard?

  • Anonymous

    Sorry dude but that is like really gross stuff man.