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If Movies Followed Their Original Casting


Many popular films’ original cast did not include some of the actors and actresses well known for that role in the film today. Here are what movie posters would look like if they followed their original casting.

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    What a lot of people don’t know about Die Hard was it was based on the book “Nothing Lasts Forever” by Roderick Thorp and was a direct sequel to his famous novel “The Detective” believe it or not. The movie adaption we know now as Die Hard was supposed to be a sequel to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movie The Commando, but Arnold turn it down and they retooled it according to wikipedia.
    I read the novel before after 2 years before Die Hard came out and I thought this would make a great movie and I saw the TV ads for Die Hard and thought this looks like the novel i read and I was asking people about it and sure enough it was, the main difference it’s not Joe’s wife that was taken hostage, but his daughter and the ending of the novel is totally different from the movie. I’m not one to spoil stuff, so if your curious check out the novel “Nothing Lasts Forever” by Roderick Thorp.

  • sonnychiba

    I think your comment is contrary Fubar, in 1998 from what I have heard about Six Degrees of Separation, Will Smith was acting like the character and not just a character that is basically Will Smith playing Will Smith. I would say every movie I have seen of Will Smith’s after that he is definitely just playing himself.

  • sonnychiba

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    Well, the movie Hitman did suck and Timothy Olyphant sucked bigtime as the title character, he just doesn’t have the tough guy charisma like Jason Statham has to pull it off. Sure, Jason Statham only plays one type of character, but he plays he it very well. Hitman still would have sucked even with Jason Statham, but it would have sucked a lot less, that’s for sure.

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  • Ogge Oggelitto

    Source? I’m having a hard time believing that Matt & Ben were cast together in Brokeback. Hook would probably have been better with Bowie & Kline. Awesome PS.

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    Hook would probably have been better with Bowie & Kline.Faceoff starring Schwarzenegger and Stallone would have been EPIC.but original ones are good also.

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  • Gabriel

    Just do some research, Partycrasher25. OJ Simpson was indeed considered for the lead role in Terminator, but didn’t get the part…

  • Anna Sacripanti

    Well..Face Off Stallone vs Swarzenegger I think would have been even more cool than the real version

  • Johnny

    I think that George Clooney as Hancock it’s not a great idea…Will Smith it’s the man..he’s the best

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    Star Wars!!! 😀 😀 😀 what an crazy idea! LOL

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    It’s hard to image Matrix anyway other than the way it is. Epic movie
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    . I’m not one to spoil stuff, so if your curious check out the novel “Nothing Lasts Forever” by Roderick Thorp.

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  • Jonas

    Wow. Some of these would have been way more interesting/weird with their original intended cast.

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    Most of the time they cant even keep the same director

  • Anonymous

    Wow………. it’s really looking just unique and informative movie posters. And it’s really good to know about the original casting of these movies. And the regarding stars are really looking just coolest in those. As the George Clooney is really looking so dashing in the poster of Hancock. And Will Smith is really suiting in the poster of Matrix. Thanks for sharing some mind blowing posters information. It’s really unique and terrific.

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    Great post…everything is wrong with that.. those should all be pictures of chuck norris !

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    leonardo dicaprio was also up for american psycho….that wouldve been so awful.

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  • Rabbit Vibrator

    Thank god they didn’t Jodie Foster was brilliant in silence of the lambs

  • Sean Lind

    Here’s a serious geek tip (since we’re going with original casting) – Paul Newman was actually cast as the Sundance Kid I believe, but later felt butch was a better fit for him. 

    Come to think of it I could be wrong on this, as I have no source other than “I head it at some point from some guy”… but it might be true. 

  • Sean Lind

    You also missed out on a HUGE one: They originally wanted Bill Murray for Forrest Gump, but the network wouldn’t sign off. 

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    Most of these posters are so damn funny!

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