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Star Wars: What Stormtroopers Do On Their Day Off – Part 2


365 photographs later, Stéfan has finally finished his year long project of photographing Stormtroopers in various daily scenarios. In this part two follow-up post, we show some of the most popular photos from his second half of the TK455 & TK479 journey!

In case you missed part 1, you can view it here.

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    I love it too. thank you very much the photos are great.

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    really enjoyed watching those photos above. thank you.

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    lol this post made me giggle, especially the one of them playing on the wii, can;t belive someone took the time to actually make a lookalike wii charter aswell

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    Do strom troopers get a day off?

  • Fordun5

    Interesting blog thanks

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    what a nice blog pic so cool

  • Rabbit Vibrator

    Brilliant pics! Ha Ha do storm troopers get days off?

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    Cool – but I don’t think they should get days off!

  • Bill Stevens

    Haha! Great photo! Never realised they were smaller than Coke cans before!

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    what an amazing photo!

  • Rabbit Vibrator

    They certainly did a good job on poor elmo

  • N. “payroll staff” Reeves

    Part 2 – Image 8 of 105 was hilarious! I guess they aren’t genetically stifled “in there” after all.

  • John

    No words… I liked a picture with flowers and about internet scams.

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