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Why You Should Play With Your Food

playing_with_food_in_bento_boxes (17)

What can you do with only food and plastic boxes? Probably not much unless you’re one of these Bento box meal artist. So cool I almost don’t want to eat them.

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    Thanks man. This has been fun reading

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    I want to eat them too Tesanim. I couldn’t actually make myself wreck such a beautiful work of art though.

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    I also disagree… I really like to play with my food and it makes me more happy

  • Caitlin

    Totoro! Link! Wall-E! Mario! xD

  • Joeydearago
  • S.E.Filecraft

    OMG this is smth really awesome! Now I know how to make my little niece eat breakfast!

  • Wild pig

    Has anyone already said that we want the recipe as well?

  • Johnny

    I did some thing like this once…not that awesome but it was funny every way…Great post :)

  • Jondoe Kelly

    haha. some of these are classic!

  • Cosplay Costumes

    no de mis sueños es tener una linda caja bento y aprender a hacer cosas como éstas

  • AkaTako

    Cute! Food should always be appetizing and attractive looking. :)

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    Amazing Food Creations <3 i love the first one 

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    Love it! There’s no reason not to play with your food!