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Why You Should Play With Your Food

playing_with_food_in_bento_boxes (17)

What can you do with only food and plastic boxes? Probably not much unless you’re one of these Bento box meal artist. So cool I almost don’t want to eat them.

  • Thanks man. This has been fun reading

  • Very nice sharing. Thank you… Good information and good way your blog post. Good luck blogger man

  • Is this a custom word press theme? I would like to have a similar one for my blog…

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  • I want to eat them too Tesanim. I couldn’t actually make myself wreck such a beautiful work of art though.

  • I also disagree… I really like to play with my food and it makes me more happy

  • Caitlin

    Totoro! Link! Wall-E! Mario! xD

  • Joeydearago
  • OMG this is smth really awesome! Now I know how to make my little niece eat breakfast!

  • Wild pig

    Has anyone already said that we want the recipe as well?

  • I did some thing like this once…not that awesome but it was funny every way…Great post :)

  • Jondoe Kelly

    haha. some of these are classic!

  • no de mis sueños es tener una linda caja bento y aprender a hacer cosas como éstas

  • Cute! Food should always be appetizing and attractive looking. :)

  • it’s cool to play with your food. pavone food trends blog has an article suggesting that food packaging being more fun or interactive, or possibly having free downloads of online games, could have an impact on how people buy. check out the article..

  • Amazing Food Creations <3 i love the first one 

  • Love it! There’s no reason not to play with your food!

  • Paul fisher – Injury Attorney

    The design looking very cool but I don’t think we have to do like this.

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