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  • Johnny

    It’s a job well done..This pictures are great…Good work

  • Pamelas

    Wow these are really excellent.

  • The List Ninja

    I love these! Love to see the past photos!

  • Joe

    Nice effort, but the problem is the cameraman may have forgotten that the rest of us can’t see what is behind the photo.  In at least one, the photo obscures everything.  In others I’m left wondering, because it appears what’s peeking out has changed.  It would be nicer if there were two photos, one with and one without the one being held.  Then they’d be overlayed and you could toggle the historic one out of the photo.

  • Em

    It would be nice if the hand wasn’t there or even if it was a bit more appealing to the eye…

  • Amigo

    Another interesting project is

    Share the mojito experience!

  • leg avenue fancy dress

    the majority are not showing the change in architecture over time,
    just the fact that things made in the past exist in the present, which
    is less interesting. A few of them are great.

  • REICouponCode

    its so nice.

  • PressReleaseDistribution

    Below are some of our favorites picked out from the hundreds of photos in the Looking Into the Past Flickr group by Jason Powell.

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    Very nicely done! And congratulations for not only getting the idea, but actually DOING it.

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