National Flags Never Tasted This Good


To celebrate the Sydney International Food Festival, the flags of participating countries were recreated using  popular local foods from each nation.

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  • JawS308

    Throw this in to your mix. The festival was held in Sydney, Australia.

    Citizens of that country are called Australians by the world at large. They refer to themselves endearingly as Aussies.

    Aussies would not typically reference the United States of America as the US, the USA or that ever dreaded,……. “the States”. A typical Aussie reference to the USA might be something like this. My son will be attending Uni (University) in America at UCLA. Is there a problem with that? As citizens of the world we need to be ever cognizant that the world at large has their own terminology and the ar not “wrong”.. Besides this post was about the foods used to create a likeness of the national flags of the countries represented at the food festival.

    Flaggs do look yummy.

  • sarah<3

    Excuse me but not everyone from america is an idiot, prejudice asshole. Now have a horrible day. =D

  • sarah<3

    actually that would be north american moron. Americans are people from the U.S.A.

  • Winnie

    As a citizen of USA, I think I can recognize just how over-privileged US citizens are compared to South Americans or Central Americans. Maybe Oxford has given into just how much “Americans” like to have things their way, but maybe you could work your brain muscle a little and allow yourself to see the bigger picture.


    And Peru?? where is the food flag from peru????… the best kitchen in South America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fatoora

    My goodness people, can’t we just enjoy the fun, creative food on display?
    and WHY can’t a word be used for more than one thing?

    uh, hey, would you like “a coke”.. doesnt JUST mean coca cola… means several different kinds, but as the PREDOMINANT one, it’s taken on the label…

    “Ammeeerica, Ameeeerica, God shed his grace on thee”.. TONS of songs, writings, speeches, by NON US citizens, refer to the 50 states as American, my goodness, stop being distracted from the one hair in the whole buffet and enjoy the beautiful site!

    *I am a member of the foreign ministry of Colombia… and we refer to people from “the states” as being from America”, however (gasp!) they could be also from SOUTH America the continent too!
    I guess I can’t all someone from South Africa an Afrikaneer now, can I? My God, people from Kenya, Mali, Cameroon might get offended… give me a break. Very ignorant of anyone in international affairs to think the rules can be applied in one region, the same as everywhere.

  • Happyhappysky65

    no one wants to see a flag made of cheeseburgers and fries lol

  • Leboutaine

    I’m just glad there hasn’t been a big debate about whether we should say British or English… That’s always an interesting one 😛

  • This is a great post, I got hungry for Sushi just looking through it. I’m going to definitely tweet this one out to my friends. It looks like someone has posted a link to a similar thing with ice cream. I’m going to check that out as well.

  • Earthum

    where the fuck is USA?????

  • Poclava

    fat ass

  • USA

    We ate our flag.

  • creative! But I do not know whether it is delicious!

  • What is the red fruit in last picture! can anyone help me?

  • lala

    the last picture has rambutan and lychee

  • mmm I’d love to eat Italy :)

  • Deb

    There are lots of Vietnamese in Australia

  • Deb

    Where’s the Canadian flag … nevermind the American argument :)

  • Fiddlediddle

    Vietnam? Bullshit- better raw dog meat on rice. Rambutan (hairy red fruit), belimbing (star fruit) and Javanese lychee (the mini pink nuts)- all Indonesian (& largest global producer).
    Pie= Australian? Fail. British- and French since 1100 AD.
    No Thailand?
    Where is Russia? Could have done a bluish caviar, on a cold potato salad dish and Borsch.
    USA? Der- Some kind of variation on the theme of an apple pie maybe (as in “as American as Apple pie”?
    Canada? Surely some ind of maple syrup sculpture?
    China? Don’t tell me an assortment of Chinese cuisine could not make a Chinese flag.
    UK- has more cheeses than France. Black pudding on Devon cottage cheese on Stilton cheese (blue)- wasy and delicious.
    Ireland? Leeks, potato and carrot, yellow parsnip?

    More damning proof Australia is a lame, boring, unimaginative nation of convicts. Lame.

  • Butterfly

    You’re assuming a dictionary publishing company specializing in British English actually gives two fucks on the back of a pigeon what anyone in the USA thinks. For pretty much as long as the USA has existed, the citizens have called themselves “Americans”, and many citizens of other countries have called the people of the USA “Americans”. If you want to bitch, go back about 300 years and bitch at the person who first started using the term. Otherwise STFU and go do something productive.
    Also, the brain is not a muscle, as it is not part of the muscular system. It and its associated tissues are part of the nervous system. Your Ignorance is showing, fellow American.

  • Ubisajn

    Why was that necessary? That’s just mean and uncalled for. Why couldn’t you just appreciate the art instead of taking offence to it?

  • Benefits83

    i doubt you have friends.

  • Bob Bobson

    Great; now I’m hungry. Thanks a lot. 😐

    They look pretty healthy and nutritious too. :-)

    (Some of the colors are off.)

  • Kuri

    Pretty and beautiful!
    I’d like to eat all of them.

    Now, I’ll go to the kitchen to make India.

  • Jasonv

    Dude, you have issues.

  • balder

    UK has more cheeses than France ???
    There are about 500 sorts of cheeses in France (and maybe more, british wiki gives 1,000 !!), are you sure that English have it so much ?

  • balder

    There are lots of Vietnamese everywhere !

  • Hannah

    Vietnomnomnom 😀

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  • Antoniarasheva

    They taste good but colours doesn’t always match 😉

  • If you want to refer to the continent, or whatever your native language plualizes the continents located between 150 degree and 30 degrees West Latitude.

  • ya these flags are so cute and delicious

  • sweet flags lolo

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