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Weirdest Questions Asked on Yahoo! Answers


They say there’s no such thing as a stupid question. However, these questions definitely should be an exception.

  • Jerk

    wieners r us

  • How baby are created :)))) That’s a very damn question :))))

  • Indigo

    O.M.G. ping pong balls stuck in vaginas? Dude not knowing how babies are created? good comebacks for a dude who wants a sandwich?

  • Sagarbunkar1984

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  • And I thought I was bonkers.  I’ve not laughed all day but this is hilarious!

  • Jutkabuni

    lovely collection, i did laugh alone reading them…

  • max


  • i think, the one who asks it is a child, you always knew how babies  are created?

  • Cori

    fucking awesome. made my night

  • Rose


  • Aaron

    number 18 = story of my life :(


  • Guest 1

    How did the world turn so stupid? I wish i could live 50 years ago when people were less interested in producing ‘babbys’ and more interested in school.

  • Allie

    #9 is so funny

  • smart one

    “babies ” **  

  • SeriouslyWTF

    ^You are either getting trolled, or that person is really fucking stupid.

  • Bill Wi the Science Fi

    Awkward, that person put quotations around the word “babbys” so they obviously know that that’s not how you actually spell it.


    the one with the pizza crust made me lol

  • well i’m in cheer myself but i believe your rude, mean, ignorant, self centered, a know-it-all, and an overall brat! I’m sorry I mean, I don’t know you but by that post just just no.

  • rachel

    u go make me a sandwhich

  • FUCK.YOU666

    haha fucking loser you are one of the many many many people in this world who think they are the shit and can be friends with any one and get any girl well sorry to tell you loser but you are a virgin and always will be and will never have any friends and should save the resources on the planet for the people that actually matter and go kill yourself :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) have a nice day we all hate you

  • jamie

    And this is why i think cheerleaders are stupid

  • Jazziebear

    Number 27… I’ve obviously got a dirty mind…

  • joel

    I love the reply tothe qustion “can lightsaber slice superman in half” The reply was so funny.